Expert meeting 6

25 June 2019, Utrecht


Drift 25, room 2.01


Time Event/Speaker
14.00 - 15.00 António Leal & Purificação Silvano (joint work with Fátima Oliveira)

Speaker info (bio, abstract, slides)

António Leal & Purificação Silvano (Universidade do Porto)

On participial clauses in European Portuguese: aspect, tense and rhetorical relations

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In this talk, we address some semantic properties of the past participle and participial clauses in European Portuguese.

Using data from a newspaper corpus, we investigate semantic characteristics of the participial forms in order to: (i) determine which type of participle (regular or/and irregular) occurs in participial clauses; and (ii) evaluate the role of participles in the interpretation of the clauses, considering that these non-finite forms can have an eventive, stative or resultative reading (Duarte & Oliveira (2010), following Embick (2004)). Next, we analyze how aspect can interact with tense to ascertain to what extent these clauses bear some kind of temporal information.

Finally, we discuss the correlation between the aspectual and temporal nature of the participial forms and the type and diversity of rhetorical relations that are available in participial clauses.


Duarte, I. & Oliveira, F. (2010) Particípios resultativos (pp. 397-408). In Textos Selecionados do XXV Encontro Nacional da APL. Porto: APL.

Embick, D. (2004) On the Structure of Resultative Predicates in English. Linguistic Inquiry, 35(3): 355-92.