Instructions (part 3)

After you've selected a language pair, you will be presented with two fragments. The fragment on the left contains a construction in the source language, which is marked in green. On the right, you should find a translation of this fragment, and ideally, you are able to select a matching construction there.

English (original)

German (translated)

  • John
    Part-of-speech: NNP
    Lemma: John
    Part-of-speech: VBZ
    Lemma: come
    Part-of-speech: .
    Lemma: .
  • Jan
    Part-of-speech: NE
    Lemma: Jan
    Part-of-speech: VAFIN
    Lemma: sein
    Part-of-speech: VVPP
    Lemma: kommen
    Part-of-speech: $.
    Lemma: .
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